Porterville paragliding, Porterville hang-gliding and Porterville free-flying are all different ways of looking at the same side of the flying coin. It is one of the most scenic and dramatic locations for launching yourself off the mountain. Visitors often only get to see one side. Porterville paragliding is designed to bring you both sides of all the flying coins.

Namaqualand Flowers

Namaqualand Flowers

Namaqualand Flowers:

During the arid summer months it is difficult for the tourist to imagine the phenomenon of the yearly wild flower appearance.
After the winter rainfall, Namaqualand dons her coat of many colours and for a brief moment, the wildflowers invade the countryside. Countless poems, novels, paintings and prose have been dedicated to this annual shower of God’s colour.


Dutch Reformed Church Porterville


Day entrance to Waterval (Waterfall) Holiday Farm, is located at the foot of the Olifants River Mountains, 5km from Porterville. Waterval offers visitors 22 waterfalls, hiking trails, mountain bike routes, horse rides, picnic facilities, barbeque facilities and beautiful natural swimming pools.

If you are a keen golfer there is a golf course close by.

Close to Porterville, Ceres Valley, Tulbagh, olive farms and wine farms.